Guiding Tenets

My guiding tenets are as follows:

  • To be kind toward all;
  • To be benevolent toward everyone;
  • To never seek revenge or wish ill upon anyone; and
  • To always strive to be of benefit, even toward those who have done me wrong. I do not even allow myself to harbor ill will toward anyone.

When it comes to fulfilling one’s duties, I am quite strict, especially toward myself, and I do not recall ever taking advantage of my position or requesting special favors for my personal affairs.

The Quintessence of Religions

If the essence of Religion is what you seek
Then embrace these principles and beliefs

First, place your faith in that One
Peerless and unique, visible to none
Without associate, birth, or mortality
That suffices to define Him with certainty

Second, consider every being in every time as good
For at its origin none is evil or malevolent
It’s not the agent but the act from which evil is conceived
Strive, in short, to combat such deeds
As for those deemed good in any rank or capacity
You must respect them as they are known to be

Third, in every time and in every place
The good that the wise contemplate
That engenders order and peace in society
And that emanates from what is Right
Practice toward yourself and others
And avoid all that is contrary to it

Beyond that, any faith that you should choose
That does not contradict these principles
Shall be acceptable provided that you apply
With conviction the precepts to which you adhere
Nur Ali researched and found this to be
The quintessence of religions most certainly