Fundamentals of the Process of Spiritual Perfection: A Practical Guide

A didactic resource featuring animated three-dimensional videos with narration, an extensive glossary, key concepts presented in Question and Answer format, and self-assessments; currently available only in Persian.

The Art of Tanbur

An extensive overview of Ostad Elahi’s music, including a complete discography and a detailed categorization of his repertoire, with audio clips and cross-references to improvisations of the same melodies on various recordings.

Marefat ol-Ruh (Knowing the Spirit)

An exploration of the cultural, historical, religious, and social aspects behind this philosophical treatise on the existence and development of the soul; available only in Persian.

Borhan ol-Haqq (Demonstration of the Truth)

A detailed overview and chapter-by-chapter analysis of Ostad Elahi’s authoritative treatise on the origins, history, principles, and rites of the Ahl-e Haqq mystical order; available only in Persian.

Malak Jan

A completely redesigned site presenting the life and work of Malak Jan (1906-1993), Ostad Elahi’s sister, including a selection of her photographs, sayings, and poetry.

Ostad Elahi YouTube Channel

Features select videos on the life, work, and music of Ostad Elahi, including a full-length documentary film on the musical art of Ostad Elahi.


The first internet-based station playing Ostad Elahi’s music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week commercial free, with commentary on the origin and background of the music.

Ostad Elahi – Unicity

A biography and photo album of Ostad Elahi spanning the years 1922 through 1973, originally published in 1995 on the centennial of his birth.


OstadElahi-Indepth analyzes Ostad Elahi’s system of thought from a historical, philosophical, and metaphysical perspective through a series of didactic modules and educational tools.

Hadj Nematollah

Introduces the life and works of Hadj Nematollah Mokri Jeyhunabadi (1871-1920), Ostad Elahi’s father and a renowned mystic in the Ahl-e Haqq tradition.

Music for the Mind

Featuring detailed information on the Music for the Mind auditory program, a set of four CDs set to Ostad Elahi’s music and nature sounds that are based on the science of psychoacoustics.


A multimedia fan site featuring several virtual tours, including an extensive overview of the 1995 exhibition on the Life and Work of Ostad Elahi.

The Ostad Elahi Foundation: Ethics and Human Solidarity

A government-sanctioned foundation and NGO dedicated to presenting various issues related to the advancement of ethics and unity.

The Nour Foundation

A public charitable and nongovernmental organization that explores meaning and commonality in human experience through an integrative, multidisciplinary approach that engenders greater understanding, tolerance, and unity.