Marefat ol-Ruh (Knowing the Spirit)

An exploration of the cultural, historical, religious, and social aspects behind this philosophical treatise on the existence and development of the soul; available only in Persian.

Borhan ol-Haqq (Demonstration of the Truth)

A detailed overview and chapter-by-chapter analysis of Ostad Elahi’s authoritative treatise on the origins, history, principles, and rites of the Ahl-e Haqq mystical order; available only in Persian.

Malak Jan

A completely redesigned site presenting the life and work of Malak Jan (1906-1993), Ostad Elahi’s sister, including a selection of her photographs, sayings, and poetry.

Ostad Elahi YouTube Channel

Features select videos on the life, work, and music of Ostad Elahi, including coverage of the recent five-month exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The first internet-based station playing Ostad Elahi’s music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week commercial free, with commentary on the origin and background of the music.

Ostad Elahi – Unicity

A biography and photo album of Ostad Elahi spanning the years 1922 through 1973, originally published in 1995 on the centennial of his birth.


OstadElahi-Indepth analyzes Ostad Elahi’s system of thought from a historical, philosophical, and metaphysical perspective through a series of didactic modules and educational tools.

Hadj Nematollah

Introduces the life and works of Hadj Nematollah Mokri Jeyhunabadi (1871-1920), Ostad Elahi’s father and a renowned mystic in the Ahl-e Haqq tradition.


Features topics that are related to the thought and philosophy of Ostad Elahi. Visitors can submit articles and participate in online discussions centered on spirituality.

Music for the Mind

Featuring detailed information on the Music for the Mind auditory program, a set of four CDs set to Ostad Elahi’s music and nature sounds that are based on the science of psychoacoustics.


A multimedia fan site featuring several virtual tours, including an extensive overview of the 1995 exhibition on the Life and Work of Ostad Elahi.

The Ostad Elahi Foundation: Ethics and Human Solidarity

A government-sanctioned foundation and NGO dedicated to presenting various issues related to the advancement of ethics and unity.

The Nour Foundation

A public charitable and nongovernmental organization that explores meaning and commonality in human experience through an integrative, multidisciplinary approach that engenders greater understanding, tolerance, and unity.